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    This type engine is a 16-cylinder four-stroke engine with 90o V-type configuration. Charge air intercooler, Separate HT(JW) and LT(CAC) coolant circuits with separate coolant pumps. Adopt the German manufacturing process. Two-stage turbocharging as well as EGR technology which meet high emission requirement. The electronic control system is the ADEC (an Advanced Diesel Electronic Controller) system. Fuel system adopts common rail with the electronic control fuel injection which greatly improved the reliable, precision, durability as well as optimized the fuel economy. It has been widely used in mining, oil fields, marine, power generation and other important applications. Engine ModelpowerMAX. Torque16V2000970-1163KW/2100RPM5471-6582NM/1300RPM
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    ModelRated HorsepowerCubic Feet/Hour200Dseries292HP28080 CFH
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    ModelRated HorsepowerCubic Feet/Hour100series123HP11820 CFH
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    ModelStarting PowerT3015KwHorsepower: 21hp(15.65kW)Cranking Power at only 120 psig(8 BAR)The T30 series starters are used in small winch engines, small pumps and generators with less than 20L displacement. The TDI starter motor is vaneless and will have no vane sticking, expansion, wear and tear. TDI can provide maximum output power and torque per unit of compressed air. In the same level of products, TDI is the lightest, easy to carry and install. All steel and aluminum alloy, durable. No lubricating oil is required to reduce oil pollution.Low maintenance, more durable work. Rain, dusty air, humidity, salt spray, etc. Will not affect the performance of the TDI pneumatic motor. TDI's unique large opening open air pass allows dirt to be removed at each start, rather than trapped inside.
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