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Starting Power



Horsepower:  68hp(50.75kW)

Cranking Power at only 150 psig(10.3BAR)

The T100 series starter is used for large propulsion mainframes (less than 300L) and generator sets. Bladeless design will have no blade sticking, expansion, wear and other shortcomings unit compressed air, TDI can provide maximum output power and torque in the same level of products,

TDI is very light, easy to carry and install, made with steel and aluminum alloy.

It is durable without lubricating oil, reduce oil pollution, low maintenance, more lasting work rainwater, dusty air, humidity, salt spray and will not affect the performance of TDI pneumatic motor.TDI's unique large open air duct allows dirt to be removed at each start up, rather than remaining in the room. T50 Series starters for generator sets and medium propulsion mainframes (below 40L).


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