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CPU95Ignition system

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CPU-95 with VasiSpark TM Option

Advanced digital ignition system for industrial engines


■      Microprocessor-based, crankshaft-referenced, digital ignition system for medium-sized natural gas-fueled engines

■      Optimizes engine combustion and performance

■      Maximizes spark plug life

■      Offers proprietary primary and secondary discharge diagnostics to minimize engine down time

■      Intuitive, user-friendly display for easy system access and control

■      Enhanced Display Module features USB connectivity, graphing, and custom output mapping

■      Simple to retrofit existing Altronic III, III-CPU, or CPU-90 systems

■      CSA certified for use in Class I, Division 2, Group C and D areas

■      Also carries ATEX and SAA approvals


The altronic CPU-95 is a 24 Vdc- powered, microprocessor-based digital ignition system designed for application to medium-range industrial gas engines. Operational advantages include a full-featured user display and interface, spark characteristic control, advanced timing adjustment options, serial communications, and state-of-the-art diagnostics.

Full access to all CPU-95 operating data and control options are available through a “user friendly” system display module as well as via a PC operating a Windows TM-based terminal program. Both options display essential engine and ignition data such as PRM, timing angle, spark energy level, and diagnostic messages, as well as offer user control of setup selections such as global and individual cylinder timing, energy level, double strike or extended spark duration (VariSparkTM), and overspeed setpoint.


Patented CPU-95 diagnostics and prognostics(predictive diagnostics) supervise all ignition system-related functions. The secondary analysis capabilities detect shorted spark plugs and leads, as well as spark plugs that exhibit high voltage demand or are not firing at all. A display of the relative voltage demand of each spark plugs is provided, allowing spark plug changes to be predicted and scheduled. Module and pickup operation, timing input, and primary output functions are also monitored for operation within preset limits.

The CPU-95 system is shop or field configured via the CPU-95 output Module serial port using a personal computer and the Altronic CPU-95 Terminal software





CPU95 ignition system




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